Yoga Tantric Tuition DVD

Yoga Tantric Tuition DVD



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Learn Tantric Yoga Prenatal Tantric Yoga If you are a expectant mother, and are looking for a way to do some gentle

 exercise during the course of your pregnancy, this dvd could be ideal

As well as helping you exercise, the dvd can help you prepare for the birth of your child mentally and physicalIf you are someone who practices Yoga normally, you can continue as normal up until the end of the third month of pregnancy, this dvd is to guide you through appropriate yoga practices from then until giving birth.

After guiding you through the exercises, there is a whole section that talks you through relaxation and meditation.

Learn from the privacy of your own home while having fun learning.  Step by step instructions from the Experts & Professionals

What is Yoga ?

Why I need to learn Yoga?

Stress Relief, Mental Well Being and Musculus-skeletal improvements.


Strengthening postures are an ideal exercise to improve back muscles and reduce back pain Energy levels are increased to help you cope better with day to day activities.Circulation is improved, which has a beneficial on many physical complaints.

Stress Relief & Relaxation Exercise DVD

Did you know……..

If you are in a state of relaxation or meditation that means your baby in your womb is also ?As well as how to do the relevant exercises and guiding you into a state of meditation, the dvd also provides tips on how to eat properly and healthily during the course of your pregnancy.

Also, for those of you who are hard of hearing, there is a visual description that runs along the
 bottom of the screen whilst the exercises are being demonstrated and how each exercise benefits
 you and your baby.

You will learn the following in this DVD:

 Helps With blood Circulation

 Tone your Thighs and Legs
    And if thats not enough, there is also a section on how to give birth to your baby using what you
 have learned using the yoga exercises and meditation practices.The Dvd claims that if you use what you have learned correctly, your delivery could be pain free WITHOUT the use of drugs !
Yoga has many Health benefits such as:
Great way to keep fit
 Good for Stamina
  Boost self esteem
  Breathing Techniques
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