Children Songs for Children favourite Nursery Rhymes and on CD

Children Songs for Children favourite Nursery Rhymes and on CD



Childrens Nursery Rhymes and Songs

Fun Listening

A collection of songs, melodies & nursery rhymes

Included on this CD are

1. Lavender Blue

2. My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

3. Londons Burning

4. 10 Green Bottles

5. On Top of Old Smokey

6. Mary had a Little Lamb

7. Ride a Cock Horse

8. To Market To Market

9.  There was a crooked Man

10.Ive Been Working on the Railroad

11.Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron

12.One Man Went to Mow

13.The Grandfather Clock

14.The North Wind Doth Blow

15.Bobby Shafto

16.Here We Go Looby Loo

17.Shell Be Coming Round the Mountain

18.Oh my Darling

19.Jimmy Crack Corn

20.Row Row Row Your Boat

21.Billy Boy

22.Home of the Range

23.The Yellow Rose of Texas

24.Pop Goes the Weasel

25.Do Your Ears Hang Low

26.Twinkle Twinkle

27.The Muffin Man

28.Three Blind Mice

29.Hickory Dickory Dock

30.Early in the Morning

31.Hush Little Baby

32.Baa Baa Black Sheep

33.Boys and Girls Go out to Play

34.Ten in a Bed

35.Five Daisy Bumpkins

36.Iam a Little Toothebrush

37.Hot Cross Buns

38.Jack and Jill

39.London Bridge is Falling Down

40.Little Jack Horner

41.Little Miss Muffet

42.Lucy Locket

43.Three Little Kittens

44. Little Bo Peep

45.Where,Oh Where has my Little Dog Gone

46.See Saw

47.How Many Miles to Babylon

48.Sing a Song of Sixpence

49.John Browns Baby

50.Do You Know Ken John Peel

This is a fun and delightful CD.

There is so much here for everyone to enjoy as my children and I have…….

Helps your child develop listening skills, confidence, co-ordination and literacy



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