Bedtime Baby Sleep Water Sounds on CD FREE POSTAGE

Bedtime Baby Sleep Water Sounds on CD FREE POSTAGE



Baby White Noise Sleeping

Tinitus Soothing Calm Sounds

Nighty Night

A Simple Beautiful Solution to help your Baby Sleep

This CD was specially composed and mastered using a combination of gentle water sounds, it was then enhanced to produce a calming 3D effect to allow the warm sound to surround your baby, because of this the  CD can be played at a lower volume with fantastic results.

Unlike other baby sleep products on the market this CD, because it

is played at a low volume it is much gentler on the ear, it’s even used by

many parents to fall asleep to.

This is a fun and delightful CD.

There is so much here for everyone to enjoy as my children and I have…….

The CD is 60 minutes in length Played at a low volume, gentler on

the ear than other baby sleep CDs.

Play in the car or at home /PC


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