CD DVD Copy Backup Disc Burning Software Suite USB


CD DVD Copy Backup Disc Burning Software Suite USB

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M J Dobson Group
Item Description – Please Read Carefully

Software Suite DVD CD + Burning Burner

Backup USB
Make your Own CDs DVDs with this Suite or just your original CD and DVD’s.
This is the Full Version and can Burn and Backup Your data 
Burns CDs,DVDs and Blurays
 Backup / Edit CDs/DVDs
This item will Not copy Copy-protected cd’s or Dvd’s
WINDOWS 7 ,8 , 8.1,10 and 11
Backup/Edit Those CD/DVD’s You Treasure !!
Safely burn CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs
This Suite is a safe and versatile burning application.  
At the cores lies the powerful burning engine that allows users to burn data of any type to all common disc types with a high degree of safety and speed.
This includes files, movies, music and backups. High-volume formats such as BDXL or high-security discs like M-Disc are also supported.
Users can furthermore rip audio discs and rename and burn tracks in the process complete with individual playlists and custom designed covers.  
Disc spanning helps spread data that exceeds the capacity of a single disc such as huge photo, document or song collections across multiple volumes.
The program also features a viewer to browse the contents of disc images and extract individual files. The built-in 1-click backup feature helps backing up files from external devices such as cellphones, tablets and flash drives with minimum effort.
This version also features automatic cover searches during disc ripping and the option to create stunning photo mosaics from cover artwork. Users can now also explicitly finalise discs that would otherwise not work with software or hardware players.
Feature highlights:
Completely redesigned
Improved user handling
Create Audio CDs and MP3/WMA discs
Backup data to one or more CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs
Permanent archiving with M-DISC technology
Copy CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs 
If you want to backup your data then this suite is fantastic and the only one you will need.
It works with versions of Windows listed and is easy to use.
Burn Audio CD’s Burn Data CD’s Burn Video CD’s
Fully compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 And Windows 8,Window 8.1,Windows 10,Windows 11
Important Information Please Read
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